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36 x 60
1 Sides
Gloss Banner 13oz
Grommets Brass | Qty: 6
hemming | Qty: 4

You need it fast and it has to be weather-proof - that's why you need vinyl banners. 13-ounce vinyl that's made of 100% polyester with something called a weft-inserted knit - that means it's practically indestructible. It also means there's an inner layer that makes it some of the toughest material around. Imagine hanging your vinyl banner outside for the next three years, day after day, season after season with no breaks, and expecting it to hold up through it all. Ours do. That's how tough our vinyl is. But it's not just the vinyl that's tough. Our ink is UV rated and fade and abrasion resistant. That means after three years outside, your Custom Banners are still bright, vibrant show-stoppers. Vinyl banners withstand the roughest weather, from wind and rain to sleet, snow and hail. Use the corner grommets to attach your vinyl custom banners to outdoor walls, fences, buildings; roofs . . . even vehicles and existing signs.


Gloss Banner 13oz
High tenacity yarn has the same or better tear and tensile properties as other 13 oz banners. Smooth print face with a slight scrim pattern and natural white color. Dimensional stability, Tear resistant, Flame Resistance NFPA 701.

Grommets Brass
#2 self-piercing grommets are made of solid, heavy gauge brass, Opening is exactly 3/8 diameter.

Scrim Carrier with a double coated high performance innovative adhesive technology on both sides. Used for Banner Hems & Seaming. Has excellent plasticizer resistance, weatherability & durability